So la visita familia is four days away. Dad put the kibosh on Bethel Woods and the new Woodstock museum – too far a drive. Now they’re thinking Berkshires. Which is great, because in my 6+ years in Albany I’ve only been to Northampton (not counting getting lost coming back from Vermont the first week I lived here, which if you know the geography of the area, gives some insight into my complete lack of navigational skill).

They suggested Great Barrington (I secretly think my mom just wants to visit Karen Allen’s knitting shop, which I’m totally down for). I countered with Stockbridge, which has the Norman Rockwell Museum as well as a stellar summer theater with the first production underway. Not that I’m huge into Norman Rockwell, but it’s something to see and I think it’s one of the few art museums my Dad might truly enjoy.

All of this involves research. It’s funny. When friends visit, I love entertaining, but usually they have some idea of what they want to do, or take some time to do their own thing. When family visits, things must be planned. I’m not sure if it’s because I live here so they rely on me, or because I feel a moral imperative to do so (they’re my parents, I HAVE to show them a good time!). Probably a bit of both.