I love listening to radio on long-distance drives. Cars can be so isolating, long drives geographically dislocated. Highways look the same, it’s just the names that change. Night is worse. Flickering radio static  gives a concrete sense of space passing. Sometimes luck shines, and a locally owned and produced station offers a glimpse of color. At home I get WEQX in Vermont, where they toss in Phish a few times a week, because that’s what Vermonters do. From East Texas to New Orleans in the pitch of night every station was gospel or country. I’ve never driven the Jersey Turnpike and not heard Springsteen and Billy Joel. There’s a pretty good local station in north Jersey that plays indie rock and alt-country and yes, The Boss, but it peters out around Cherry Hill. That’s almost Delaware anyhow, close to home and the isolation of the Eastern Shore.