Travelzoo has a great deal on a new inter-city bus company, Megabus – so good the company’s site has crashed. Free seats. Or come June, $1 seats. I can’t get to the site, and I’m not surprised. From the brief Travelzoo mention, apparently this is a  Scottish discount bus company making a go of the U.S. and Canadian markets. From the picture, the bus looks like a nice charter, and Travelzoo said they hope to put WiFi on the buses soon.

UK opinion on the service is pretty mixed. The biggest complaint seems to be a lack of customer service, long waits, and penny pinching – but the buses aren’t bad and the service is cheap. A typical overview.

In other news, the Atlantic skies are opening (and the Pacific too, but I’ve got an East Coast bias). Easing air restrictions means more inter-continental flights – and hopefully cheaper tickets, thanks to the competition. This has been coming for a while, but the New York Times travel section updates the information.

One fun note: the possibility of RyanAir’s American debut (my Web design professors would have conniptions over the site design, consider yourself warned). The cheap airline – forget merely “low cost” – offers tickets starting at 10 pounds (that’s about $25, give or take) from London across Europe. The UK Telegraph in December reported that RyanAir plans to start $16 r/t tickets across The Pond (again estimating from the Pounds quote in the story). Like other cheap travel offerings, RyanAir works because they offer no frills, ask passengers to put up with delays and other issues, and charge through the nose for every little extra – expect that $16 to balloon after fees for luggage, children (even when seated on their parents’ laps), misplaced passes, and so on. Still, that’s far less than a British Airlines flight, and who wants to pay an extra $300 just for the tea and clotted cream? (Which, by the way, is awesome and almost a reason for flying BA across the Atlantic. Almost).

The changes won’t start until next year. But the really fun bit is the end of the Telegraph story – the possibility of more low-cost flights to India and the Middle East.