Michael and I had just started dating when my parents came to Boston for a visit with* my aunt and uncle. We decided to join them for dinner, but otherwise use the weekend as an excuse to camp. I noodled around the internet looking for campsites, and found listings for the Harbor Islands. We could camp on islands in the middle of Boston harbor! Well, not us, because the only way there is by boat, which we didn’t have, and the ferry schedule wasn’t right for meeting the folks and cousins for dinner, so we had to pass. Instead we settled far inland, on a tiny lake, where my brother made the mistake of trying to perform Tai Chi in the water, which Michael and I decided was an invitation for a massive water fight. (My brother might have argued “attempted drowning.” Tomato, Tomahto.) But ever since, I’ve decided that one weekend, I want to camp in the harbor.

Chris Klein read my mind. I met Chris online. We took a distance-based travel writing class last winter. He’s a stellar writer, and while I sold a few stories from the class, he snagged a book deal. Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands has a June 1 release. Good for him! And of course, good for me – I get the inside scoop when I finally make it there!

*I used to live in Texas, where “visit” is a noun. I guess I adopted that too.