I was at the Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism last weekend. Mindblowing. I’ll spare everyone the JournoGeek details (wait, how do you mark your tape for background again?). But I will share coverage of Josh Benton’s Blog talk. Not surprising to anyone already buying in, but he added some real perspective and packaged it in a fascinating way.

Josh called blogs the first conversation of history – the first thing you run home and tell someone after you’ve seen something amazing. You don’t have to know what it means or claim to produce the utmost correct and authoritative versions. But you also don’t have to adopt the dry boring Voice of God of an objective news report. Blogging represents a way back to the original gee-whiz first-person response to the world.

He’s a Nieman fellow, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he got a book deal from his talk. I’d buy it. Hey Josh, need a ghost writer? I’m looking for work this summer.